Pactamac International, LLC.

Make using our coolant easy, efficient, and accurate
with our dispenser machines.

Purchase an Eco-Coolant Dispenser Machine

Want to produce your own Eco-Coolant right on site? We sell our specialized Eco-Coolant machines to satisfy all your coolant needs while saving you time and money.

Our cutting edge Eco-Coolant machine is intended for the production of alkaline water coolant ("Eco-Coolant"), the best alternative for petroleum-based coolants for CNC machines. Considered a pioneering technology of Japan, the Eco-Coolant machine earned its reputation by providing accurate, economical and dependable coolant solutions.

By using the PACTAMAC Eco-Coolant Machine, you can be assured of:

  • ACCURACY - accurate mixture for optimum performance
  • ZERO WASTE - minimize or eradicate wastage
  • CONTROL - you control the product of the coolant needed based on your production yield
  • ECONOMICAL - reduces time and coolant cost
  • DEPENDABLE product
  • MAINTENANCE SERVICE & SUPPORT - by our well-trained technical staff
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