Pactamac International, LLC.

Eco-Coolant and Alkaline Water Solution

What is Eco-Coolant?

Our 'Eco-Coolant' is an alkaline water solution without artificial agents or other substances. This makes it an affordable, safe, and environmentally-friendly alternative to chemical-based coolants and cleaning agents. It's also more effective! Our Eco-Coolant provides outstanding cooling and cleaning performance compared to typical petroleum-based agents.

So what makes our product "eco-friendly"? Unlike emulsion-based coolants commonly used for CNC machines, no carbon dioxide is emitted during the incineration and disposal of our unique Eco-Coolant, making it safer for both your employees and the environment. Additionally, our product does not emit a foul odor during CNC machine operation, helping to reduce common chemical smells around your work environment.

Click here find out more about the benefits of using our product versus traditional coolants and cleansers.

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